Napolean Dynamite meets Ferris Bueller.

That is what many people are calling this new film set in Utah in the 1990s.

This movie brings back the glory of the high school comedy genre that was so popular in the ’80s and ’90s. And . . . it is family-friendly! So family-friendly that VidAngel is a major backer of the film!

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In the movie, Tim meets a girl and they find out about the Hope of America award. Tim wants to go to Yale and it would be a nice learning experience to put on his application. But, of course, it is not that easy (no spoilers here).


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The cast, especially for an independent film, is great!

Tim Timmerman is portrayed by Eddie Perino. Chelsea Maidhof plays Sydney, the student body president of Timmerman’s rival school. Drue Knaff plays McKenzie, who lost to Timmerman in the elections and is now his vice president. Laird Macintosh plays McKenzie’s father. Other actors include Andrew Caldwell, Henry Monfries, Seth Meriweather and Stephanie Drapeau.

Morgan Lund of Salt Lake City will portray the principal of Timmerman’s school and veteran Utah actor Bryce Chamberlain plays the head of the foundation who is presenting the Hope of America award.

There are several reasons the film chose to shoot in Utah. One is that it is set in the area in the ’90s and has a ski theme.

“I know the area really well because I grew up here,” Cameron Sawyer, the director, said. “We have a lot of resources here.”

“Utah also has an amazing tax rebate,” he said. “We get back 20 percent of every dollar we spend in the state.”

One of the requirements to get that rebate is that 85 percent of the cast and crew comes from the state, he said. That’s not hard with the great film people in Utah.

“Utah is just filled with talent,” he said. “We knew that we would have a really large talent pool to select from, along with a large pool of technical people.”

CLICK HERE to watch Eddie Perino’s reel, which contains a few scenes from the film.


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Oh, and did you know Tim Timmerman was a Kickstarter project?

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the Tim Timmerman advertising is now kicking in.


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Check out some funny BTS from the actors on set:

Behind the Scenes on High School Comedy, Tim Timmerman from Cameron Sawyer on Vimeo.
Cameron Sawyer, the director, also directed SHE’S A FOX, an award-winning short.

Take a look!

She’s a Fox from Cameron Sawyer on Vimeo.