Use Screenwriting Tricks to Make Your NaNoWriMo Novel Awesome [guide]


National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), where people around the world try to write a novel in one month, is going to start in a few days. Here’s some ideas that Screenwriters (both film and TV) use. They have to write within very tight constraints, and therefore have refined storycraft in awesome ways. So here are… Read More

Enhance Personal Prayer with Noise


Are you like me? You kneel down at night to say your nightly prayer and start out with sincere thanksgiving for your many blessings, and then your wandering mind gets thrown off track. You suddenly realize you have been thinking about ways to improve that meatloaf you made for dinner the same night? Or you wake up… Read More

Home Teaching by Priority, Based on Need


I was recently listening to the excellent LeadingLDS podcast. Kurt (contributes here), interviewed the mysterious person known only as @ldseqpres on Twitter. @ldseqpres is known for his usually humorous, sometimes snarky, tweets. But he’s a real-life Elder’s Quorum President, with all the problems and issues that come with that calling. And he had some great… Read More

Get Free Amazon Instant Movie & TV Rentals with Hitbliss


UPDATE: HitBliss has announced that they’re shutting down the Beta while they revamp the product. I haven’t tried it so let me know if you have any luck using it. But I did receive my earned credit as an Amazon gift code. Seems like a bad move as it kills any momentum they have. We’ll… Read More

DEAR JEFF: Straightforward LDS Temple Prep (99¢ SALE and a FREE PRINT)


Because the temple is a sacred topic, we Mormons often hesitate to discuss it. But sometimes that means we neglect one of the most important parts of the gospel. Just over a year ago, I posed a question to you MormonLifeHacker readers. And it’s been one of our most popular posts. I wanted to know what… Read More