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Modesty: Thoughts on acceptance, love, and judgment (Richard Ostler and Mindy Gledhill)

The two articles below (by Richard Ostler and Mindy Gledhill) have gone relatively “viral” in social media that past couple of weeks. Both address modesty and judgment. Take a few minutes and read both articles, then comment below with your thoughts. Where should the line be drawn? What part does love and acceptance play in this? We’d love to hear from you.   Is she wearing her garment in that wedding dress photo? (LDS Audience) During my life, I’ve heard this question at times … usually when someone is looking at a bridal or a wedding photo. I’m sure...

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A Conversation with Thomas Wirthlin McConkie by KUER (RadioWest / Doug Fabrizio)

Listen to the full episode with Thomas Wirthlin McConkie:   Thomas Wirthlin McConkie is a descendent of two highly influential Mormon leaders.  And yet, his close ties to the LDS Church didn’t insulate him from questioning his faith. He left the church as a teenager and found spiritual fulfillment in Zen Buddhism. After almost 20 years, he returned to Mormonism, and he wants to help others navigate their own faith crises. McConkie joins us Monday to discuss how the tools of developmental psychology can help guide us through faith transitions. Thomas Wirthlin McConkie is the host of the...

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