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“The diversity we find now in the (LDS) Church may just be the beginning” says Elder D. Todd Christofferson

In the video entitled “Is There a Place for Me?,” Elder Christofferson says a wide range of people can bring different gifts and perspectives to the Church. The experiences, backgrounds, and challenges that people face will show the Church what is really essential in the Gospel of Christ. Much of the rest that has been acquired over time and is much “more cultural than doctrinal” can “slip away.”

Sharing (Mother’s Day Edition)—formerly phread

Mother’s Day isn’t easy for a lot of people for a lot of reasons, many centered on expectations. For me, it’s been a day when a huge mirror is placed in front of me, forcing me to see what I’m doing. It hasn’t ever felt like a healthy evaluation, but more of an imposed critique while being forced to listen to stories of Angel Mothers Who Never Raised Their Voices and stuff like that.




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