A Sacred Surprise Appearance: President Nelson Rededicates Manti Utah Temple

A Sacred Surprise Appearance: President Nelson Rededicates Manti Utah Temple



President Nelson made a surprise visit to rededicate the Manti Utah Temple, emphasizing its importance as a place of peace, comfort, and spiritual guidance. This temple, originally dedicated over a century ago, holds deep significance for President Nelson, as many of his ancestors hailed from the area.

Joined by other church leaders, President Nelson reflected on the sacrifices of pioneers who helped build the temple and encouraged members to make temple worship a regular part of their lives. The rededication ceremony, attended by over 2,200 people, highlighted the temple’s role in strengthening families and warding off negative influences.

For President Nelson and his wife, Sister Wendy, and for Elder Rasband and his wife, Sister Melanie, the Sanpete Valley holds personal significance due to their ancestors’ ties to the area. Elder Rasband shared the story of his own ancestors’ journey to Utah and their commitment to temple worship.

The rededication marks a new chapter in the temple’s history, emphasizing continued devotion and service to God. As Elder Rasband noted, the temple’s legacy spans generations, symbolizing the enduring faith of its builders and the ongoing commitment of present-day worshippers.

Ultimately, the rededication ceremony reaffirmed the temple’s central role in the lives of Latter-day Saints, past, present, and future.

From Elder Rasband:

Today was a day I hope to never forget.

Melanie and I were greatly blessed to be in attendance this evening as President Russell M. Nelson rededicated the Manti Utah Temple—the house of the Lord.

This sacred temple is particularly special to me because my family history is so closely connected to it. My great-grandfather Andrew worked on this temple after my great-great-grandfather Jens passed away during the family’s voyage overseas as he moved them to Utah to be bound to God and to one another in the Lord’s temple.

By divine design, the Manti Utah Temple is built on sacred land and has been consecrated by those who for more than a century have faithfully made and kept sacred covenants. It stands as a testament of the people’s faith in Jesus Christ, obedience to His laws, gratitude for His love, and recognition of the power of His Atonement.

May each of you who have made covenants in the house of the Lord live true to them. And may we invite all to learn of God’s plan for them, enter into His holy houses, and live in accordance with God’s ways.

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