Explore Old Jerusalem on Google Maps Street View


Many LDS people who’ve visited the Holy Land will tell you that it deepened their understanding of the the scriptures in a big way. Being able to walk the same places where Old and New Testament figures, including Christ himself, once walked, changes their perspective and appreciation for the culture, languages, traditions, and the events and people of those sacred books of scripture.

The Wailing Wall and Dome of the Rock – Google Maps street view

For those of us who have not had the opportunity, a new update to Google’s Street View on Maps, offers a small taste of actually going there. Using Street View, you can now view several important Biblical places in old Jerusalem via Google Street view:

There’s several other places in Israel you might also find interesting. They include:

What do you think? Worth exploring virtually?

  1. This is incredible! Thanks for sharing. I often think of the streets of the Old City after my visit there ten years ago, and this brought back so many memories. Unbelievable!

  2. Thank you!

    Strangely I wasn't looking for this when I found your site. I was looking for info on Deseret Book and DRM. just before that though I was thinking it strange that there are no books I can find about travel to Israel and the LDS perspective on those sites. Any chance you know of a book or blog about this?

    1. I highly recommend Truman G. Madsen's Jesus of Nazareth talk series. Many of them were recorded in actual locations in the Holy Land. Other than that, I'm not aware of any single, comprehensive type books on the subject, other than the Daniel Rona types. Those I I find interesting, but also somewhat sensationalist and a conflict of interest as they want you to go on their tour or buy their stuff.

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