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If you’d like to advertise on Mormon Life Hacker, please contact us.

Advertising Revenue & Where it Goes

This page is all about the advertising you’ll find on our site. Currently, the revenue from all our advertising is less than $5 per month. Not even really enough to cover basic hosting fees, etc. We’ll update this number if it ever increases so you’ll know exactly what’s going on as far as revenue. Currently all revenue goes to Tevya Washburn’s business FiddlerStudios LLC to pay for design, hosting, etc. If there is a significant increase, some money will go to the various authors/editors of MLH.

In-Article Affiliate Links

Within various articles, we sometimes link to products, services, etc. using “affiliate links.” This means we’re part of an affiliate program so that if you click that link, then sign up for the service or buy the product, we get a kick back. We do not allow the affiliate relationship to affect our recommendations in any way. We simply recommend whatever is best, then if they happen to have an affiliate option, we sign up so that we can potentially get some money back to help pay for the costs of running Mormon Life Hacker.

Affiliate Ads

Thus far, all ads that you see on this site are affiliate links (except for ads for Start WordPress and FiddlerStudios websites – which are our compensation to FiddlerStudios for their services). So if you see an ad, it is not pay-per-click, we only get a kick-back if you purchase the product or sign up for the service.

Recognizing Affiliate Links

If for some reason you do not want us to receive revenue from your purchases, or otherwise would like to be able to tell which links are affiliate links, look for the “likes” the URL when you hover over the link. Eg. ““. That’s an affiliate link to our favorite backup service: Backblaze. If you hover over the link, in the bottom of your browser you’ll be able to see the URL of the link, then notice the word “likes” as part of the path. That tells you it’s an affiliate link.

Exceptions: the exception to this is links to products. Most, or all links to products on are affiliate links.