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Family Historians! Get access to 8 Billion Records on MyHeritage now (yes, BILLION with a “b”)!

Access to 94 collections with over 1 billion census records at no charge. Yes please!

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NOTE: Special thanks to LDS Media Talk for alerting us to this!

MyHeritage is celebrating!

Their recent milestone of surpassing 8 billion historical records on SuperSearch made them so giddy they are making all their major census collections from the U.S., U.K. and Ireland, Canada, and Nordic countries free for one week!

Through August 20, no data subscription is required to access these documents, so you can search them free.

What does that mean to you?

You’ll have access to 94 collections with over 1 billion census records at no charge!

Some of the census records are found exclusively on MyHeritage. This is available to users of MyHeritage as well as people who have never used MyHeritage before.

Some of MyHeritage’s earliest census records date as far back as 1657, and the latest ones extend until 1940.

Census records are an excellent way to learn more about the lives of your ancestors and to add details to your family tree.

More information can be found on the MyHeritage blog.

NOTE: Special thanks to LDS Media Talk for alerting us to this!



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