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10 things you didn’t know about the Jordan River Temple

The Jordan River Temple will be rededicated in May 2018. Check out these 10 facts below, and learn more at!

The Jordan River Temple will be rededicated in May 2018. Check out these 10 facts below, and learn more at!

1–Following its dedication, the Jordan River Temple quickly became one of the busiest in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, even with the Salt Lake Temple less than 15 miles away.

With attendance at the Salt Lake, Ogden and Provo temples at all-time highs in 1977,
President Kimball announced plans for the Jordan River Utah Temple on Feb. 3, 1978.

2–The Jordan River Temple is one of five temples featuring Moroni holding the gold plates.

3–Tear drops are an architectural theme found in the fence and spire.

4–Jordan River was the first temple whose construction and maintenance costs
were funded entirely by monetary donations from local members for a time.

One woman with cataracts was saving money for an operation to restore her sight.
She emptied her entire account and gave everything to the temple.

Another woman struggling to give up smoking committed to her bishop to not only give up her habit,
but to donate to the temple fund what she had been spending on cigarettes.

One man went without lunch every day for a year to save and give one dollar per day.

6–President Ezra Taft Benson said the Jordan River Temple would be a light to all in the area.

“This valley,” the Church News quoted President Benson …
“…will be protected, our families protected, our children safeguarded as we live the gospel…”

“…visit the temples and live close to the Lord.”

7–Until a few years ago, the Jordan River Temple district contained 110 stakes.

8–Following the dedication of the Draper and Oquirrh Mountain temples, that number was reduced to 68 stakes.

9–Someone asked a 4-year-old what he liked best about the Jordan River Temple . . .
thinking the child would say something about the decor.

The child responded, “I liked all those grandmas in their nightgowns.”

10–The Jordan River Temple will be rededicated in May 2018.
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