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The Book of Mormon testifies that “all things denote there is a God; yea, even the earth, and all thing that are upon the face of it” (Alma 30:44). Thus, God has given all things as a type or representation of Christ to help us remember Him (see 2 Nephi 11:4; Helaman 8:24).

Korihor, an anti-Christ in the Book of Mormon, led away the hearts of many by preaching that “there should be no Christ” and that “whatsoever a man did was no crime” (see Alma 30).

Eventually, the people refused to listen, and they took him before their leaders including Alma, who bore testimony of Christ’s coming and the existence of God. Korihor demanded a sign and was struck dumb.

When Korihor asked for a sign of God’s existence, Alma put forth some compelling evidence that God lives. (See Alma 30:44).

Alma cited the testimony of “all these thy brethren,” the prophets, the scriptures, and “all things.”

All things.

Watching some of the videos below helps us understand how vast the universe (and all creation) is!

The intricacies are extraordinary!

Taking time to think of this helps reinforce ALL THING DENOTE THERE IS A GOD. This existence is not just random. It cannot be.







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