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Yahosh Bonner: Check out this multi-talented LDS husband, father, singer, & athlete


Yahosh Bonner is a multi-talented person: husband, father, singer, athlete.

You can read more about him on MormonMusic.org. You can also watch his video below and hear him share his background in his own words!

Check out his YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrTYokZRtmrZ6UTvAg34zvQ

A 2010 graduate of the University of Northern Colorado, Coach Bonner has spent the past three seasons on the staff at Western Nebraska Community College, where he worked with former SUU assistant Russell Beck, and helped coach the Cougars to one of their best seasons in a decade in 2012.

While at Northern Colorado he was named the Big Sky Conference’s Defensive Player of the Year following the 2009-10 season as he helped UNC to a school-record 25-win campaign. Prior to his time at UNC he spent a season at Salt Lake Community College where he helped the Bruins to an appearance in the NJCAA national tournament in 2008. Prior to playing with the Bruins Coach Bonner spent a season at Cochise College and he also served an LDS church mission in Tampa, Fla., from 2004 to 2006.

Yahosh and his siblings and parents, all talented vocalists in their own rights, gathered from around the country to compose and record the original song below based on the hymn “I Need Thee Every Hour.”

Debra and Harry Bonner, Yahosh’s parents, served as Baptist missionaries in Africa before becoming members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In this powerful performance, they and their children, who are also members of the LDS Church, share the message dearest to their hearts—we need Him, and He is here.


Yahosh has also appeared in Many of James The Mormon’s videos, including TREASURE:

Listen to some of his other tracks below:





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  1. This is a good article about Yahosh Bonner who is one of the featured artists on MormonMusic.org. I would make a couple of small corrections: (1) The video by James the Mormon is called “Treasure,” and (2) here is a working link for the video with Abraham Thomas which is a cover of “You Raise Me Up” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_E35p28Leo. Thanks sharing the article. You can learn more about Yahosh Bonner by reading his bio on MormonMusic.org.

    1. You may also be interested in the following articles that appear on MormonMusic.org: “Yahosh Bonner Sings 2 Songs on Mormon Channel Studio” – https://mormonmusic.org/artists/yahosh-bonner/yahosh-bonner-mormon-channel-studio and “Yahosh and Vanessa Bonner Cover “Remember Home”” – https://mormonmusic.org/video-find-of-the-week/yahosh-vanessa-bonner-cover-remember-home. The first article received over 1,700 hits on the Mormon Music Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/MormonMusicians) and the second article received over 3,500 hits on the Mormon Music Facebook page. You may want to consider featuring Mormon Music on your site and following our Facebook page to stay abreast of what is taking place on the Mormon Music scene. Please visit MormonMusic.org as well. Thanks!

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