Use LyricScanner to Find Out if a Song is Appropriate


We all get words in songs wrong. We think we hear words that are not the actual words. Depending on the style of music or artist, it can be nearly impossible to know for sure. So sometimes it’s not easy to tell if a song is appropriate or not.

Maybe you’re trying to help your kids choose appropriate music, or perhaps you want to avoid listening to stuff that’s not appropriate for children, or maybe you’re in charge of picking the playlist for a stake dance, or maybe you just want to keep your mind and spirit free from those things as much as possible? Whatever the reason, LyricScanner is a great tool to help you find out if a song is appropriate or not. It’s not as great as VidAngel that actually removes the bad parts, based on your preferences, but it will at least tell you if there’s bad words, sex, violence, or drug use in the song.

All you do is put in the artist name and song title into their search, and it spits out a rating of various aspects of the song that might be objectionable. Here’s how you use it:

Now if the overarching message of a song is negative, but it’s more implied than spoken in the words, LyricScanner may not be able to catch it. So you’ll still want to listen to the actual song or review the lyrics (there’s a link in the results of the scan) if it doesn’t pick up on anything.

I see LyricScanner as hugely helpful to people or committees compiling playlists for stake dances, or just generally for us all to be more selective in what we listen to. How will you use it?

Big thanks to Devin who pointed this out to us on our VidAngel review.

  1. I love this service! As a mother of an 11 year old and fitness instructor for older adults…this is perfect for me. I am always worrying about the possibility of inappropriate content chiming in and have the task of listening to every song before adding it to my lists. Still, it can be tough at times to understand what the words are. How incredibly helpful! Thank you so much for posting this.

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