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Seth Adam Smith, an LDS author, blogger, and YouTuber, is a survivor of a suicide attempt. So he personally knows about the pain, frustration, and issues associated with suicide and suicide attempts.

Learn more about Seth Adam Smith’s story and donate here.

As an advocate of suicide awareness and prevention, Seth is planning to hike across the Grand Canyon to raise money for a suicide prevention scholarship and other resources.

He will hike 23 miles with an elevation change of approximately 6,535 feet.

“My goal, therefore, is to raise $6,535—$1 for every foot of change in elevation. Each dollar helps and every donation will be treated as sacred and used to prevent suicide.”

How will the money be used?

His goal is to create a $5,000 scholarship for the Anasazi Foundation, a non-profit wilderness therapy program.

The scholarship will allow someone struggling with suicidal intent to attend.

The money will also be used to create information videos from professionals about how to overcome the struggles of mental illness and suicidal thoughts and feelings. The videos will be free online to the public.

Learn more about Seth Adam Smith’s story and donate to the cause here.

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