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He traveled from Utah to Florida to Houston to help Mormon Helping Hands. His behind-the-scenes footage will amaze you

The Jurgy’s (LDS vloggers—video bloggers) visited Houston for Hurricane Harvey clean up and were BLOWN AWAY by what they saw. This area will take months to clean up.

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On their way back from Disney World, Bryce got a layover in Houston for a couple days so that he could help with Hurricane Harvey clean up. It’s INSANE how much damage really happened there and will take months and months to clean up from the damage from Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Bryce connected with the Mormon Helping Hands as they were quick to respond and provide him with an opportunity to serve. They had 10,000 people helping out over the 2 days that Bryce was there and it was incredible how much service they were able to do!

If you know someone who is still in need from any devastation such as Hurricane Harvey have them fill out their needs at and help will be on its way.

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