Okay, yes, I’m promoting my own website. Hear me out.

It’s launching today. It’s called HelamanGallery.com. I’m offering FREE artwork. There are wallpapers like the ones posted above–pretty standard. But here’s the cool part: You can also download 5x7s (that don’t have watermarks). Then you upload those files to Walmart Photo, Costco Photo, or wherever. Next you buy a frame, and voilà!–inexpensive artwork that invites the spirit into your home, office, or wherever.

Now you’re asking: how come it’s free?

First, art is a hobby of mine. I really enjoy photography, typography, and digital painting. So it’s just plain fun.

Second, if you feel like you want to give back (and I hope you do), I’ve set up a simple way for you to pay it forward. Look for the Help Me Help Them (Donate) link on the right side of the site. All donations go to a Kiva.org microloan fund. So your donations help less-fortunate people (our first borrower is Julia in Peru) to get their own business running so they can improve their standard of living. It’s a good way to share some of the blessings many of us have been given.

So that’s the scoop. I hope you’ll check it out. Don’t forget to subscribe (I’ll be posting tons more artwork in the future). And let me know how it goes with your free prints!