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J Washburn has authored three books, including DEAR JEFF: Straightforward Temple Prep from an Older Brother. He also owns and operates, a gallery of LDS temple photography. If you'd like to get to know him better, receive some free ebooks, and maybe win a temple print, subscribe to The INFORMANT, his personal monthly newsletter. He's also on Twitter and .

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Easy and FREE Family Internet Filter (for PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, and everything else)

THE PROBLEM AND THE SOLUTION You can install an internet filter on your family computer. But that's not going to affect your kid's iPod. Or your exchange student's tablet. Or any other device that's connecting through your router. It will only filter the one device it's installed on. Well, I just discovered that there's a better way to help protect your family from the worst parts of the internet. It's not ...

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Republic Wireless Review: Cheapest Smartphone Family Plan

I originally posted this on my personal blog ( ), but I'm cross-posting here because I know many of you will be interested. A couple weeks ago, I signed up for Republic Wireless. If you haven’t heard, they’re a cellular provider that offers unlimited calling and texting for just $10/month. Also, it’s not a contract, so you can quit at any time. How do they offer such ridiculously lo ...

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LDS Symbol Cards on Kickstarter

These make me excited—like I'm risking my life on an adventure with Robert Langdon (the hero of The DaVinci Code) and the ancient secret we're after lies hidden beneath layers of cryptic symbols. (But I like to let my imagination run wild.) It's actually a Kickstarter project called LDS Symbol Cards (being put together by my new friend Steven Reed). I was given a complimentary set, and I'd like to tell you ...

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The 12 Days of Christ

I’m writing this post directly to my family. But I like you readers so much I wanted to share it with you too. : ) ------------ Guys, I want you to join me in a brand new family tradition. It’s called The 12 Days of Christ. It’s fairly simple. Each day for 12 days leading up to Christmas, we’ll have one person share a scripture/story/testimony about Christ. These will help us to focus on the real purpose of ...

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Reader Insights: Are there problem points in Temple Prep?

My little sister is about to go to the temple for the first time. I have a strong testimony of the temple. But when I went the first time, I was shocked—why hadn't anyone helped me prepare for this?  I want to make sure there are no glaring gaps in my sister's preparation. So I'm looking for problem points. I have two questions for you. Please leave a comment below—even one sentence will do: What were your ...

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Better than paper strips: Use multimedia in class without a projector

Here's a simple trick you can use in Elders Quorum or Sunday School: I'm a big geek—let's just get that out in the open. I'm also a big fan of Google Presentations. In fact, sometimes I think I can't teach without them. I made an awesome slide show for my lesson on The Holy Grail (Charity). But I needed a way for the class to see it. I started by writing the short URL on the board: I asked them ...

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GEEK.Q.P. — Use tech to organize an Elders Quorum

Here's how we've organized our Elders Quorum: We have a Google Sites site, and it links to all the important documents people might need.   After the home page, we have a page for the sacrament. There's a Google Spreadsheet embedded in the page that can be edited by anyone on the web. So our Elders use that page to easily sign up for preparing, blessing, and passing the sacrament. Our Sacrament Coordin ...

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How to memorize scriptures and hymns the easy way

This is something I learned from an Elder on my mission. Though, ironically, I didn't try it till I'd been home for several years. Here's how it's done: Print the lyrics of a hymn (or a scripture you want to memorize). Make sure it's small enough that it will fit in a sandwich baggie. Put it inside a sandwich baggie (with the opening on the bottom: because the seal is heavier, this keeps it from peeling off ...

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How to Create a Simple Genealogy Chart

20 seconds. Seriously. This will take you 20 seconds. (FYI: THIS IS AN UPDATE. TreeSeek launched a new website that makes it super easy to do this same process.) Go to Click Login, and enter your FamilySearch/ credentials. Click Create. Did you want more steps? Because that's it. Seriously. It's amazingly simple. I love it. One cool thing: it now shows the birth date. It still doesn't ...

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