DEAR JEFF: Straightforward LDS Temple Prep


Because the temple is a sacred topic, we Mormons often hesitate to discuss it. But sometimes that means we neglect one of the most important parts of the gospel.

Just over a year ago, I posed a question to you MormonLifeHacker readers. And it’s been one of our most popular posts. I wanted to know what was good and what was lacking in your temple prep. And the conversation was enlightening.

I’m a writer, so that discussion soon turned into a book, which I want to tell you about: DEAR JEFF is a letter to my younger brother giving him pointers on preparing to go the temple for the first time. It’s pretty direct, more direct than most temple prep courses. That makes this book unique. But it relies heavily on quotes from the brethren so it doesn’t reveal things it shouldn’t. Its purpose is to keep the temple sacred but not keep it secret

Readers male and female, in and out of the church, from Idaho to Israel, from 13 years old to 78 years old—all have read and enjoyed DEAR JEFF. What’s more, they’ve all learned new things from it—including those who were long-time temple veterans. It has also been read by people who aren’t members, and they’ve found it interesting and helpful. Here’s what readers are saying:

“It will prepare young people for the temple experience better than anything I know of.” — Bonnie K., Missionary Mom

“The perfect resource for those preparing to go to the temple hoping to enjoy the experience rather than be confused.” — Kurt F., Bishop

“The temple is a sensitive subject. We often… err on the side of not saying enough. J walks that line with reverence, opening up the temple experience.” — Christopher G.

“It’s a letter from a friend who sincerely wants to help the reader. It also has some adventure mixed in, making it a fun read. I can’t wait for my family to read it!” — Ashley

I honestly believe this book will help people.

Order Dear Jeff HERE, on Amazon

P.S. If you’re a bishop or someone who’d like copies of DEAR JEFF in bulk, contact me directly. They’re cheaper that way, and they’ll make great gifts for any of your Mormon friends.


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