Reader Insights: Are there problem points in Temple Prep?


My little sister is about to go to the temple for the first time.

I have a strong testimony of the temple. But when I went the first time, I was shocked—why hadn’t anyone helped me prepare for this? 

I want to make sure there are no glaring gaps in my sister’s preparation. So I’m looking for problem points. I have two questions for you. Please leave a comment below—even one sentence will do:

What were your main frustrations with the temple preparation you received before your first time?

What do you wish your teachers and parents had done differently?

Now, this is a sacred topic, so tread lightly. (No spoilers, please.)

I am eager to hear your thoughts!



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J Washburn has authored three books, including DEAR JEFF: Straightforward Temple Prep from an Older Brother. He also owns and operates, a gallery of LDS temple photography. If you'd like to get to know him better, receive some free ebooks, and maybe win a temple print, subscribe to The INFORMANT, his personal monthly newsletter.

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