These apps are now available in the Amazon App Store. So there’s no need to go through this process to install them. Links here:


So you’ve got a brand-new shiny Kindle Fire? Now you want to add Gospel Library, or other Android apps that aren’t in Amazon’s App Store. Well fortunately for you, we’ve got some options.

But first, you need to be rebuked for purchasing a Kindle Fire. The Book of Mormon specifically speaks against this device: “Behold all ye that kindle fire . . . ye shall lie down in sorrow.” (2 Nephi 7:11)

LDS Gospel Library

Kidding aside, here’s instructions from +Ben Anderson on how to put the official LDS Gospel Library on your Kindle Fire (read his review here):

  1. Touch the gear at the top right of the screen. A drop down menu will appear with several choices appears. The menu item furthest to the right is titled “More…” tap that section.
  2. A group of options appear the top item is “Help & Feedback” the menu item you’re looking for is “Device” tap on it.
  3. The new menu now shows a variety of options appear the one we’re looking for is “Allow Installation of Applications From Unknown Sources” the “Off” option is highlighted orange. tap the “On” and make it orange.
  4. Go to the Home page and navigate to the Web. For now, just come back to this page on MLH, and tap this link to download the Gospel Library app file (.apk). NOTE: In the future this link may be outdated, so you’ll want to go to tech.lds.org/wiki/Gospel_Library_for_Android and find the link titled “LDS Tools version x.x.x” about ⅔ down the screen, under the heading “Latest Version.” Tap that. It will initiate a download of the file. Up at the top left you will see a 1 in a gray circle in the notification section. touch and drag that down and then tap the file that was downloaded. This will install the app. When the install is complete you will have a chance to open the file and you’re off.

The Mormon Channel and LDS Tools

You can do this same process for The Mormon Channel and LDS Tools. Here’s the links:

The downside to this method (and the Kindle Fire’s lack of the normal Android Market) is that these apps won’t let you know when there’s an update available. So to get new features as they’re released, you’ll need to visit the wiki pages periodically and see if there’s a more recent version, then download and install using this same method.

LDS Scriptures app on Amazon

Easier Option: LDS Scriptures app

An easier option (but not free) is the popular LDS Scriptures app which is available on the Amazon App Store. This app has a lot of highlighting, bookmarking, and other features that the official app doesn’t have. And because it’s on the Amazon App Store, it’ll auto-update on your Kindle Fire.

NOTE: Special thanks to an old friend +Hyrum Denney for sharing the scripture about the Kindle Fire.