How to Put LDS Scriptures (& other apps) on Kindle Fire



These apps are now available in the Amazon App Store. So there’s no need to go through this process to install them. Links here:


So you’ve got a brand-new shiny Kindle Fire? Now you want to add Gospel Library, or other Android apps that aren’t in Amazon’s App Store. Well fortunately for you, we’ve got some options.

But first, you need to be rebuked for purchasing a Kindle Fire. The Book of Mormon specifically speaks against this device: “Behold all ye that kindle fire . . . ye shall lie down in sorrow.” (2 Nephi 7:11)

LDS Gospel Library

Kidding aside, here’s instructions from +Ben Anderson on how to put the official LDS Gospel Library on your Kindle Fire (read his review here):

  1. Touch the gear at the top right of the screen. A drop down menu will appear with several choices appears. The menu item furthest to the right is titled “More…” tap that section.
  2. A group of options appear the top item is “Help & Feedback” the menu item you’re looking for is “Device” tap on it.
  3. The new menu now shows a variety of options appear the one we’re looking for is “Allow Installation of Applications From Unknown Sources” the “Off” option is highlighted orange. tap the “On” and make it orange.
  4. Go to the Home page and navigate to the Web. For now, just come back to this page on MLH, and tap this link to download the Gospel Library app file (.apk). NOTE: In the future this link may be outdated, so you’ll want to go to and find the link titled “LDS Tools version x.x.x” about ⅔ down the screen, under the heading “Latest Version.” Tap that. It will initiate a download of the file. Up at the top left you will see a 1 in a gray circle in the notification section. touch and drag that down and then tap the file that was downloaded. This will install the app. When the install is complete you will have a chance to open the file and you’re off.

The Mormon Channel and LDS Tools

You can do this same process for The Mormon Channel and LDS Tools. Here’s the links:

The downside to this method (and the Kindle Fire’s lack of the normal Android Market) is that these apps won’t let you know when there’s an update available. So to get new features as they’re released, you’ll need to visit the wiki pages periodically and see if there’s a more recent version, then download and install using this same method.

LDS Scriptures app on Amazon

Easier Option: LDS Scriptures app

An easier option (but not free) is the popular LDS Scriptures app which is available on the Amazon App Store. This app has a lot of highlighting, bookmarking, and other features that the official app doesn’t have. And because it’s on the Amazon App Store, it’ll auto-update on your Kindle Fire.

NOTE: Special thanks to an old friend +Hyrum Denney for sharing the scripture about the Kindle Fire.

  1. I'm not sure where I went wrong, but I couldn't make this work. Even though I changed the setting in the Device tab to "Allow Installation of Applications From Unknown Sources", and I even turned my Kindle Fire off and restarted it, when I attempt to open the links I get a message that says "Cannot Find App. Could not find that app in the Amazon Appstore for Android at this time". Any suggestions?

  2. Jacque Brown,
    I was the person who put together those instructions. I had the same error occur when I tapped on the wrong link the link "" will take you to the Android/Amazon market place to find the file. I would double check that your tapping on the right link. The link you're wanting is "Version APK Download" it should automatically show up as a download in the notifications bar (a circle with a 1 in the middle) and then when it's complete just pull down your notifications and tap on the listed app and it'll start right up. If you run into problems with that Tevya can put you in touch with me.
    My recent post Boycott Black Friday Support Small Business Saturday

  3. This worked fine for me but the link under "Gospel Library" seems only to connect to LDS Tools. Still looking for the Scriptures.

  4. Anne I'm sorry, I got my links crossed and the ones that should have been for Gospel Library, were pointing to LDS Tools. They should work now.

    LMA, thanks so much for pointing that out. I updated the links as soon as I saw your comment.

  5. This is fantastic! Thank you for the instructions…I was wanting to do this as soon as my Fire came out of the box but was disappointed to see only the paid app in the store. Thank you again!

  6. Is there any way to get the Deseret book app installed on the Kindle Fire or do you know of a direct link to it?

  7. We used your instructions to set up the lds apps on my dad's new Kindle Fire, but when he tried to use the Mormon Channel app to watch videos, he got an error message that directed him to download the youtube app. Except I haven't been able to find a youtube app. Help?

    1. Colleen. That's exactly the problem with the Kindle Fire's lack of the regular Android market: you don't get Google apps (like YouTube), or a lot of other apps that app-makers haven't published on Amazon's App Market. You should be able to find a .APK file for the YouTube app and install it. Just Google "download YouTube Android apk" or something similar. However, be careful, and make sure you download it from a reputable site. That should fix that problem, as the Mormon Channel app will then be able to utilize the YouTube app that's currently missing.

    1. We haven't betsy. It doesn't appear anyone's released the .apk file for DeseretBookshelf. Though we have a big announcement coming soon that will allow us to ask various experts in this area, and see if anyone else knows anything I haven't been able to find out myself.

  8. The Android mobile link on does NOT function to connect with the Kindle Fire – evidently, there isn't an app for LDS tools yet for the Fire. I've tried six ways to Sunday – ummm — on Sunday, actually. I wish I were more of a tech person. I'd love to be able to help with this.

  9. Just found the new LDS Tools on Amazon's app store. I searched for "ldstools" and it popped up. They removed the apk link from the churches website ( and suggested downloading it from the google app store. I just had to reset my Fire and relized I couldn't download it – but now it's available as a download…no more special instructions!!!

  10. This worked beautifully for me. I got my Kindle Fire for Christmas and had tried and failed multiple times to get the Gospel Library. Finally, at the end of April, I have them! Thanks from Abu Dhabi.

  11. Hi, is there an app that enables me to read my Ipad Deseret Bookshelf ebooks on my Windows 7 PC?

    1. As far as I know/can tell, no. There's only iOS and Android options. That's it. I wish DeseretBook would work to get more church stuff published on Kindle and/or Google Books. Creating another reader, with separate content is not what we need.

    1. Cleotilde, I haven’t heard of them and suggest you be very careful of any tech merchant that isn’t widely known (like Amazon) or doesn’t at least have a lot of positive reviews on something like Google Shopping. Plus it doesn’t look like their prices are any lower than Amazon’s. So just order from Amazon.

  12. Hello; I have been trying to download all the scriptures but so far I have been able to download only in English and I need them in Spanish as well and I can’t seem to get it to work or get a site that would allow me to do it so. If anyone can point me to the right direction, I will appreciate very much.
    Thank you in advance.

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