How to Gift Wrap a Book without any giftwrap

How to Wrap a Gift Using the Bag You Bought it In


A picture’s worth a thousand words. But I’ll throw in a few words to boot, just for good measure.

Brown paper bag
All you need is a brown paper (inside) bag. Or one with a theme appropriate to the event.
open the bag
Carefully separate the seams of the bag until you can lay it out flat. Make sure to keep the string from the handle.
Put the side of the bag you want showing, face-down and the gift on top.
Wrap the gift
Wrap the gift normally.

Wrapping the gift

strip that holds the handles
Now take the strip that the handles went through and use it for the card.
How to Gift Wrap a Book without any giftwrap
Finally, tie the cord around it, making sure to loop it through its original holes in the "card".

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