What are QR Codes and How Can You Use Them?


You’ve probably seen them before.  Maybe on the bus, subway, or at the mall. They are QR Codes and they are popping up everywhere. One place that you may have noticed as well is in Church publications such as the Ensign.

So, what are QR Codes and how do use them? QR stands for Quick Response. You can think of a QR code as a 2-dimensional version of a barcode. In the QR image is stored data (such as a URL, personal information, SMS message,…). Anyone with smartphone can download an app to read the QR codes (QR Reader for iPhone, iTouch, or iPad and either QR Droid, Google Goggles, or Barcode Scanner for Andriod phones). After it is installed, open the app and use it like a camera, viewing the QR code on your mobile screen. Hold it still for a second. It will then read the QR code and perform its task such as taking you to a website or adding new contact information to your phone.

The church is including QR Codes at the end of articles that, after being scanned, take you to the article online. While some think the QR Code will die (partly due to Google dropping support of QR Codes) others still feel they are just getting started.

Not only can you read QR Codes, but you can generate your own using one of the many websites on the internet.

How can you take advantage and use QR Codes?  Here is a short list:

  • Include them on your business cards
  • Use them on your Sacrament Meeting programs to direct people to the ward calendar or membership directory online
  • Give them out to attendees of your class and link to the class manual, schedule, or additional materials you would like them to view before next the week
  • Use one on your next activity flyer to link to the event location on Google Maps

How have you used QR Codes successfully?

  1. I am a the executive secretary in my ward and I have used them just this past year for tithing settlement. I made them for each interview slot and had a tear off piece at the end of the sign up sheet. It worked great!

      1. Yes I would like to open up a discussion about this and perhaps others can find more effective ways of creating QR codes. I also have a couple more ideas about using QR codes.

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