Watch #LDSConf on the KSL-TV app—BREAKING NEWS!


UPDATE (1 Oct. ’16 – #ldsconf morning): the Mormon Channel’s Twitter and Instagram accounts are announcing AppleTV, Android TV, and Fire TV apps/channels.

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Roku has long had the Mormon Channel, Roku channel, as well as the BYUtv channel, making it easy to watch General Conference live, or review sessions afterward. However, it’s not been so easily accessible on other “set top” or “over the top” devices, such as AppleTV, Xbox, and PlayStation. This guide will help you overcome some of those limitations through apps or work arounds you might not have known about.


Native App

If you want to live stream conference and be able to review this session and past sessions, using only your AppleTV remote, there’s a great app called “General Conference” by Uhhhmagine. It will let you live stream the current session, and review past sessions, all with a native AppleTV interface. Just ask Siri on your AppleTV for “General Conference” or search it manually. 3rd party apps like this one, only work on the 4th-gen AppleTV’s, or newer.

General conference appletv app interface

The “General Conference” AppleTV app by Uhhhmagine

The Mormon Channel just released a new AppleTV app. See the update at the top of this post for details.

BYUtv also has an AppleTV app. They only offer the live stream of general conference. They may offer it afterward in their DVR function, but don’t permanently keep them available like the previous app.

YouTube is your best bet, if you have a 3rd-gen AppleTV. It should be possible to pick up the live stream via the YouTube channel (unconfirmed). Check out the instructions for doing this on Xbox One below.


Apple lets you “mirror” (called “casting” on other devices) things on your iPhone or iPad to your AppleTV. The Mormon Channel has an iOS app which supports mirroring. So you’ll have to use your mobile device to control it. This works on 3rd and 4th-gen AppleTV’s.


Xbox One

Joe Pemberton posted this tip over on Medium a year ago. On Xbox One you can go to the YouTube app and find The Mormon Channel, channel. Select it and scroll down to the LIVE content. You can live stream conference there. Check out his article for details an a video of him doing it. This may work on Xbox 360 as well, not sure.

BYUtv has an Xbox One channel. Find it by searching “BYUtv” on the Xbox One Apps Store.

Xbox 360

For those with a 360, BYUtv has an Xbox 360 channel. You can add it and stream conference live, or (I think) watch it afterward, using the DVR feature.

You may also be able to use the YouTube method in the Xbox One section above (I haven’t been able to verify).

Xbox byutv app

BYUtv on Xbox

PlayStation and Wii

PlayStation 3 and 4, plus Wii and Wii U all have YouTube apps/channels. You should be able to watch live, though I can’t confirm this for the PS3 or Wii devices. You might need to follow a process similar to the Xbox One above, to find The Mormon Channel, YouTube channel, then go to the live streams section.

Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, AndroidTV, etc

Mormon Channel Apps

The Mormon Channel just released a new Android TV and Fire TV apps. Search for it on that device, if you have one. Additionally, you should be able to cast to a Chromecast via the Android or iOS apps.

YouTube Apps

You can use the YouTube mobile app to cast to Chromecast or Fire TV. On Fire TV and Android TV there’s also a native YouTube app. Use the live stream on the Mormon Channel to watch live.

BYUtv Apps

Alternatively, you can cast from the BYUtv mobile apps (Android | iOS) to your Chromecast. There’s also a native Fire TV app.

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Let me know in the comments if you found any of this useful. Or if you have one of these devices and can confirm or clarify statements I’ve made. I’ll update the article based on your comments!