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Watch #LDSConf on the KSL-TV app—BREAKING NEWS!


OK everyone—this is pretty cool!

For the first time ever, viewers of General Conference will be able to livestream sessions on the big screen—and to watch them on-demand—with the KSL-TV app.

Why is this so neat?
Well, in addition to providing sessions live and on-demand, all of KSL-TV’s General Conference documentaries will be available on the KSL-TV app. You just simply select “Documentaries” in the ON DEMAND section (tap the remote control icon) – or search “General Conference.”
Documentaries this session include:
● History of the Saints: Respected scholars come together to answer questions and address concerns about Joseph Smith the Prophet.
● Choosing Happy: Key strategies to find happiness, with specific techniques to get through severe setbacks and sorrow.
● An Artistic Vision: The first-ever Mormon Arts Center festival in New York City, where artists, scholars and musicians come together to elevate the concept of why Mormon Art matters.
● Civility: Changing the Conversations: Civility has taken a serious hit, but despite the trend toward negativity, there are positive voices working hard to make communication more civil.
In addition to KSL-TV’s broadcast coverage, General Conference sessions will air live on the KSL-TV app at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. MDT on Saturday, September 30 and Sunday, October 1. The app will also have all sessions available for later viewing on-demand.

The KSL-TV app is available for Amazon Fire, Roku, iOS, Android and fourth-generation Apple TV boxes — this means viewers aren’t limited to watching on mobile devices or scheduled timing!

General Conference sessions can be watched on the big screen, whenever it’s most convenient.

Check it out!
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