How To Put General Conference On Your Kindle

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The blog LDS Kindle Books has converted the past few General Conferences for reading on your Kindle. Here’s how to put them on your Kindle (if you’re new to putting non-Amazon content on Kindle):

  1. Go to LDS Kindle Books’ General Conference label.
  2. Click the link to download the desired conference in Amazon Kindle book form.
  3. Click the “Download” link on the file host site.
  4. Connect your Kindle to your computer with the USB cable.
  5. Look for the Kindle drive in “My Computer” on a PC or in the “Devices” section on a Mac.
  6. Drag the .AZW file to the Kindle’s documents folder.
  7. Eject/Undock and you are ready to go!

For more details see this guide, or LDS Kindle Books’ guide for converting various content for Kindle. Finally, according to the author of the LDS Kindle Books blog, these past General Conferences and other publications from the Church, in Mobipocket form (originally for Palm), are also Kindle compatible.

Unfortunately the Kindle app for iPod/Phone/Pad, as well as Android, do not appear to support non-Amazon files. They only support syncing with your Amazon account for content you’ve purchased from them.

If this works great for you, make sure to let them know at LDS Kindle Books. Have any great tips or tricks for Kindle, iPad, or other devices, that other LDS people might benefit from? Let us know below or using the tips box in the sidebar.

    1. Will Nook read the ePUB format? If so, I just posted a new article that has the latest General Conference in ePUB format If not, there are general guidelines on how our reader converted the Kindle version to ePUB. You could probably use the same software, Calibre, to convert to whatever format the Nook reads. If you use that option, let us know so we can post it here for other Nook readers.

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