The 12 Days of Christ


I’m writing this post directly to my family. But I like you readers so much I wanted to share it with you too. : )


Guys, I want you to join me in a brand new family tradition. It’s called The 12 Days of Christ.

It’s fairly simple. Each day for 12 days leading up to Christmas, we’ll have one person share a scripture/story/testimony about Christ. These will help us to focus on the real purpose of Christmas.

So, for example, when it’s Trav’s turn, he could

  1. talk about why he really likes that certain picture of Christ walking on the water, or
  2. tell the story about Muhammad and the 3-foot poster of Christ in his missionary apartment, or
  3. explain what’s so cool about Reverently and Meekly Now being written in first person, or
  4. retell one of his favorite stories from the scriptures that tell about Christ’s actual life.

And it just so happens that with two in-laws and two padres we have 12 people!

Now, a couple of logistics: Tev and Jill might not be home anytime near Christmas, so we’ll have them do their two days over Google Hangout (which you can do even from a phone)—and we’ll try to broadcast the other days to them if they want in. Bobbie and David will be gone sometime close to Christmas, so we’ll have them go near the beginning.

Sound good?

Who’s in?

[Sign up for your day here.]


I invite you to do the same with your family. Who’s in?

  1. Thanks for this great idea. Our family is distributed across several thousand miles as well. I talked to the family about this, but even finding a time to get on a google hangout together seemed impossible with our kids becoming teenagers and all that is involved.

    So instead we decided to set up a WordPress site to manage this. (Should come as no surprise to anyone that knows me). I’m REALLY excited about this.

    We assigned everyone one day to post something. WordPress let’s you schedule it out so my mom has already done her’s for the 23rd and it will publish that morning.

    Automated emails are sent out every morning with the post of the day using Wysija (my favorite newsletter plugin!):

    The site is protected from others getting into it with

    I set up a modified Merry Christmas theme (1 column, made it more focused on the savior and less on Santa by changing header’s, etc): (There is just something special about having it snow on our site!!)

    Set up a front page with the schedule and made everyone users so they can get in and post their content. I could also set it up to post from email to make it easier for folks.

    I am planning on making a digital copy of the site (Using HTTrack: on Christmas and giving it to everyone on a CD so that have it for themselves and their kids no matter what happens in the future. I may even make it into a cool little book for them and send it out around the new year after we are all done bearing our testimonies.

    I could see this becoming an awesome tradition. I think we are approaching 25 with all the nieces and nephews so in a few years I hope they will start adding their favorite stories, thoughts and own testimonies.

    Thanks again for this great idea. I am so excited about this. If anyone wants my Merry Christmas theme let me know.

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