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Have I ever mentioned I’m really proud to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints? Not many years ago, the Church somewhat behind on technological things such as the internet, mobile, and other technology that had become mainstream. I personally felt the lag was shown in both policy and practice. But in the last few years, our church has made a monumental effort to not only get “up-to-speed,” but actually start pushing the proverbial envelope in many areas.

Here on Mormon Life Hacker we’ve tried to highlight as much of the awesome new software, apps, and other tools that have come from the Church, as time would allow us volunteer authors to write. This post is no different.

The Church recently launched an awesome new site and service called JustServe.org. It’s similar to the idea behind some new social tools such as Google’s Schemer or even online dating services. You submit a little information about yourself, and it matches you up with service opportunities in your area.

From the little information I gathered from the site itself, they’re piloting it in the Silicon Valley area of California. I assume that it will expand and be available everywhere eventually. Especially (again I’m assuming) if people sign up all over the place. It makes it very easy to approach community and religious leaders with a proposition if you already have aΒ volunteerΒ base to offer.

To make this happen the Church partnered with The American Red Cross and The United Way formally, and has connected with local governmental, civic, and religious organizations to provide the opportunities for those who are interested. Things like tech, teaching, computers, and mentoring are among the options you can select on your profile. That means if you sign up, and when it’s available in your area, you’ll be notified via Facebook or email about opportunities to serve in your community according to those interests you selected.

Thanks to +Tyler Smith who shared this on Google Plus. You can take a look at his profile to get an idea of how it works (he’s in Silicon Valley, I’m not).

What do you think of JustServe?

  1. What do I think? Speaking of behind the times I think it's odd that an author who chides the church on being technologically behind the times doesn't provide a link to the web site they're reviewing in their blog post… Come on now, this is blogging 101. πŸ˜‰

    1. It wasn't meant as chiding. It was really praise, just showing how far they'd come. As for the link… Pure brain fart. Don't know what happened. There's a couple there now. One just for you, and one for everyone else πŸ˜‰

  2. This pilot program is also running in Colorado in conjunction with the Public Affairs Committees. It is a database provided to members and non-members alike. We not only look to the communities for projects we can post, but we share justserve.org with groups in the community who are looking for information on places they can donate time and goods. (groups such as student governments, rotary clubs, scouting programs, other churches) It is a great public service which I hope takes off and becomes nationwide.

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