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Vending Machines Provide Instant Acts of Service for LDS Church’s #LightTheWorld Initiative

Have you seen the video for Day #1 of #LightTheWorld? This cool SERVICE vending machine is guaranteed to drop your jaw . . .

Have you seen the video for Day #1 of #LightTheWorld?


It has a cool vending machine. A SERVICE vending machine.


Each machine has items that can be purchased and donated to beneficiary charities that help feed the hungry, help ensure we all have clean water, etc.

Instead of dispensing products directly to customers like traditional vending machines, purchases will drop straight down into a Plexiglas collection bin where passersby can see the number of charitable donations grow, providing an instant act of service. Check it out HERE!

Do you want to see it in person? Go to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building on Temple Square on December 1, and it will be on the main level around the Nauvoo Cafe. If you see it, make sure you get a selfie with it and drop the picture or video on social media using the hashtag #LightTheWorld!

Read more at LDS Living!

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