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Let’s say you sit down to study the scriptures, but you just don’t know what to read. What do you do? Back in the day of paper scriptures, you could easily flip open to a random page and start reading from there. But with the convenience of electronic scriptures, especially on mobile devices, this randomizing technique has become impossible and obsolete… until now!

A new website,, acts as a Random Scripture Generator to accomplish the same thing as opening the scriptures to a random verse.


As seen in the image above, it comes with a variety of choices to display verses from the following:

  • A selection of Standard Works
  • A specific Standard Work
  • A book of scripture
  • A selection of personal Favorites (which you can manage by signing up for a free account)


A random verse might not seem all that useful at first, but once you come to one that piques your interest, just click on the link “View on” to view it in context. (On mobile devices where the Gospel Library app is installed, it will open the verse there.) After that, let your interests and the Holy Ghost be your guide! Read and ponder the verse and those surrounding it, follow intriguing footnotes, ask yourself meaningful questions, and/or annotate your thoughts and impressions.



The website is fully functional without an account, but if you choose to create one, you can also save your favorite verses and passages. You can then randomize from this selection, displaying a verse you’re sure to love!

The website is as easy to use on a mobile device as on a computer. So wherever you are, take advantage of the Random Scripture Generator to jumpstart your scripture study, explore the Standard Works, and “feast upon the words of Christ” (2 Nephi 32:3).



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