As Dove Channel continues through Season One of its first original series, Frankly Faraci, a show focused on faithful people doing extraordinary things, host Matthew Faraci turns the conversation this week to Mom Bloggers. Interviewing five women who have created successful blogs, the show uncovers the secrets of how they created their blogs and built their audiences, what drives them, and how their blogs affect their families and their faith.

“Nobody knows who these women are, except the nearly five million moms who hang on to their every word. In that sense, they’re beyond celebrities, they are a part of so many people’s daily lives,” said Matthew Faraci, host of Frankly Faraci. “We wanted to know how they got to where they are, what advice they have for others with similar goals, and what it’s like to wield such massive influence by composing a post on your phone.”

Viewers will meet Jordan Page of FunCheaporFree, Missy Smith of HowDoesShe, Allison Czarnecki of PetitElefant, Carrian Cheney of OhSweetBasil, and Jill Nystul of OneGoodThingbyJillee.

Host Matthew Faraci goes beyond the blog to discuss family, faith, motherhood, and influence with some of America’s leading Mormon LDS Mom Bloggers


 –On going from deciding what to write for a blog to tens of thousands of readers: “I just want to be their friend and be respected by them and let them know that we’re in this together and that it’s a relatable thing. And I know personally that everyone here is like that. And I think that’s why we find a lot of joy in what we do.” –Jordan Page

–On the inspiration behind the blog: “We went on a vacation and had a really wonderful time and got really inspired by the food there and came home feeling like we need to get in the kitchen more. We discovered that it wasn’t at all about the food, it was about the hands that created it, it was about us being together.” –Carrian Cheney

–On why their blogs have succeeded: “They all have excellent content. And that’s what people are looking for. They want really good content. And if you give that to them, they’re going to keep coming back for more.” –Jill Nystul

–On how their faith inspires their blogs: “I feel like the more we brought in, things of more inspiration, things of more depth, started talking about harder issues and being able to relate with what other women are going through. That’s when I’ve gotten my most fulfillment from the blog. And I feel like people started connecting with us more. I love being able to maybe be an answer to someone’s prayer or just getting content out there that can inspire and help somebody.” –Missy Smith

–On what not to call them: “Mommy Blogger. It’s so degrading to have a male ad guy who’s 25 call me a mommy blogger. There are two people who get to call me mommy and I gave birth to both of them.” –Allison Czarnecki, who prefers to be labeled as a “blogger”