One Voice Children’s Choir sings “Love At Home” for the major motion picture #OtherSideOfHeaven2 #FireOfFaith with sneak peek scenes from the movie!

We can’t wait to see this inspiring movie about love, family & faith in theaters, June 28th!

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Producer: Mitch Davis Co-producers: Kathie Steinagel, Anne Cecala Founder & Director, OVCC: Masa Fukuda Production Coordination: Shawn Barrowes, Trina Evans Production Assistants: Hailey Schoenfeldt Davis, Trina Evans, Linda Jo Whitman, Harmony Steinagel Cinematography and Editing: Parker Davis & Aaron Hinton ( On Site Sound: Robert Wyss, Spencer Walker Drone Operator: Scott Childs Cleanup VFX: Spencer Plewe On Site transportation: Spencer Walker, Dallas Whitman, Todd Whitman Catering: Jimmy Johns Social Media Coordinator: Andrea Scott Music: Produced, Arranged & Directed by Masa Fukuda Recorded and Mixed by Masa Fukuda @ One Voice Recording Studio Mastered by Troy Sales Soloists (in order of appearance) Evie Moleni Quinn Jarman Micah Harman Ava Zhao Acacia Ott Jami Greenburg Grant Westcott Lincoln Mortensen Wardrobe for One Voice Children’s Choir: Emily Childs, Wardrobe Chair Committee Members: Tara Callaway, Ethline Taolho, Juenita Boyle, Kirsten Wright, Hayley Kling, Nancy Edgington, “Wrinkles” Edgington, Janile Davis, Jodi Sorensen Special Thanks to our friends Aja and Ashleigh at Joyfolie for helping us put together this beautiful look and for rushing our order! Chaperones for Filming: Kristy Jarman, Michelle Kwon, Becky Smith, Tami Lemon, Karla Mata,Kathy Moleni, Jan Paxman, Jill Wankier Special thanks from OVCC: Moses Osani and Chrispin Nyaminani for coaching us on the Swahili Pronunciation Lori and the staff at the Murray and Magna Jimmy Johns Aja and Ashley, Tooele County Commissioner Shawn Milne Jennifer Marco Chris & Aimee Bradley Dan & Jill Crawford Scott Childs The Childs, Callaway, Liddell, Taoho, Sorensen, Whitman, Kwok, Fukuda, Kwon families for your constant support! Mitch’s Team: Parker Davis, Aaron Hinton, Ashley Fontaine, Lauren Bush, Michelle Moore and Hailey Schoenfeldt Davis For all of the extra helping hands on site the day of filming and to our entire volunteer staff at One Voice. We couldn’t do this without you! A very special thanks to Mitch Davis for allowing the staff and children of One Voice Children’s Choir to work with you on this project. We’ll never forget your pearls of wisdom and endless drive!