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#RandomActsTV uplifts and inspires at its Season Two Premiere! #1000RandomActs

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  9. #RandomActsTV uplifts and inspires at its Season Two Premiere! #1000RandomActs
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“We do not need magic to change the world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already.”—J.K. Rowling


Wouldn’t it be great if your job just consisted of serving others and making them smile?

Well, you’re in luck! If you watch RANDOM ACTS on BYUtv, that is the whole premise of the show!

Whimsical and heartwarming, BYUtv’s original hidden-camera show highlights the good in humanity through surprise service projects and pranks with a purpose.

#RandomActsTV recently had their Season Two premiere (the new season starts on April 3), and I was so inspired by all the many good people who attended!

There were four great non-profits (three were in attendance). BYUtv provided the funds for everyone to donate to one of these non-profits.

Everyone got an envelope under their seat that contained $10.

$5 they were to donate to either Make-A-Wish, Operation Underground Railroad, Amar, or Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

The other $5 was to take that evening and “pay it forward” and create your own random act of kindness. They also had a table where you could write a postcard to a wounded warrior, flowers to give to someone, etc.

Screenshot 2017 03 25 14.10.04

Pictures tell the whole story, so view the Ellie + Jared video (so touching!) and Storify feed with pictures below.

Seriously, people are so inspiring! If you just look outside yourself and serve others, you can find so much joy and fulfillment!

And remember to watch for the new season on April 3!




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