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New This Week

The top new title, Prescription for Love, is a modern Cinderella story with a twist! Claire is a nurse with a supervisor intent on making her miserable. On a rare night off, Claire forms a connection with a charming man, but when they meet again, he doesn’t remember her. Will Claire fight for her chance at happiness and find love?

Hallelujah!: Psalms 102-150

When you hear or sing songs with the word Hallelujah in them, do you know what you’re actually saying? It’s a Hebrew word, and if we break it down, it means “praise Jehovah.” In this week’s Line Upon Line episode, Hallelujah!: Psalms 102-150, we’ll discover a few Psalms whose sole purpose is to praise Jehovah.

Featured Title: Abel’s Field

This week’s featured title, Abel’s Field, is the story of a teen struggling to care for himself and his younger sisters. When Seth fights back against bullying, he’s assigned after-school work with Abel, the groundskeeper (Kevin Sorbo), who may be the one person that can point Seth back towards the light.

Featured Playlist: Back to School

Summer is winding down and school is back in session! Students of all ages can get excited to learn and have fun through the many great movies and series in our Back to School playlist. A few of our favorites are The Sugar Creek GangThe Assignment, and I Am Potential.

The Prince and the Pauper

Eddie is a teenage film star, Tom is a small town kid. When the boys meet, they discover they look alike and agree to trade places. Tom and Eddie (Dylan and Cole Sprouse) soon find themselves in deep double trouble when no one believes who they really are in this fun-filled adventure based on a story by Mark Twain.

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Scripture Explorers:
The Psalm is Right!
Psalms 102-150

James and Aria learn a little more about Psalms on an exciting game show.

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Music & the Spoken Word: The Capacity to Grow and Change

Our loving Heavenly Father sees us for who we have the potential to become. Rather than defining ourselves by who we have been, we can begin to become who God wants us to be.

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Come Follow Me Insights: Gentle Shepherd
Psalms 102-150

Taylor and Tyler finish off the Psalms with beautiful messages of comfort and peace. Make sure to watch until the end for two songs that help sum up the Psalms.

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