VidAngel: More Filtered Movies for $1 – A Quick Update of Our Review


Nope, no clickbait Mother’s Day post here. Just an update of my review of VidAngel. That post has quickly become the most viewed post on MLH. Since VidAngel has been hard at work improving their service (they even updated their logo since then), I thought I’d post a quick update. If you haven’t read the original, I recommend reading it first, as this won’t explain how it all works. This post, like the original, uses affiliate links.

Price: SD for only $1

The price has changed, it’s now cheaper! The full purchase prices are still the same, but after you return the film for a refund, SD (DVD quality) movies are now only $1. HD remains at $2. For SD though, it’s actually cheaper than getting a DVD at Redbox.

Selection: vastly improved with more movies all the time

The limited selection was one of the downsides before. Now they’ve got a really extensive library, that grows weekly. They often get movies that are brand new and only available for purchase elsewhere. Technically they’re only available for purchase on VidAngel as well, so it’s not incongruent. Just a great benefit of their model: you don’t have to wait for them to be available for rent, to be able to watch them cheaply.

Android App: much improved

The app is much improved, no issues playing movies now. I believe it’s now all a native app, not just a wrapper for the web interface (not 100% sure on that thought). It’s much easier to customize your filters, purchase the movie, etc., all thanks to an upgraded interface and experience. It also allows you to pay with your Google Play accounts, including your gift-balance. I assume the iOS version is at least as good.

Roku Channel: resuming & subtitles added

One of my big disappointments was realizing I couldn’t resume a movie I started on Roku. Now the Roku channel supports resuming! It’s so much better than having to leave the film paused, or remember the timecode of where you were. It’s even helpful if you’re watching a movie and realize your filters weren’t quite what you wanted. Just hit back to get out of the film, adjust and save the filter on your phone or computer, then hit resume back in the Roku interface and it’ll resume your spot, with the new filter applied.

In my review I also mented issues with no subtitles showing in a film. They now work like they should. Just hit the “*” button and turn them on, if a movie should be showing them, but doesn’t.

Web Interface: very nice

I don’t see mention of “Beta” anywhere, so I think they’re officially out of the beta phase. The web interface is much improved, with great search features, icons that make the main actions easy to access, and even a “Hide This Movie” option to completely hide films you’re sure you won’t ever watch. I’ve used that last feature on some that I don’t even care to see the post artwork on.

You can also buy or redeem gift credit as well. So if you know someone who likes movies, but maybe hasn’t been willing to invest the $20 of credit to try VidAngel out, you can give them a $20 gift certificate.

Support: prompt and helpful

All of my more recent interactions with support have been great. I’ve not been left hanging again, like I mentioned happened at one point in the original review. And they’re always positive, helpful, and willing to make things right.

Conclusion: VidAngel has arrived

If you were waiting for VidAngel to mature, come out of Beta, or otherwise just “arrive,” your wait is over. Myself and my family have probably watched 30+ movies on it, and the experience overall is quite good. VidAngel is now for everyone who wants to watch filtered movies and TV shows, with excellent, easy to use apps and interfaces all around.

Try out VidAngel now by clicking here.

Here’s the original, full review:

Stream Edited “Clean Flicks” – A Review of VidAngel’s New Edited Movie Service

  1. For some reason, this seems surreal to me. How could I have never heard of this before? Thank you for bringing this to my limited span of attention. I think.

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