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Mormon News Report podcast

The MNR team of Jenny, John and Brandt discuss this week’s Come Follow Me lesson of 2 Nephi 11 – 25.

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Come Follow Him Powerpoint Presentation

Here are the easy “Come, Follow Me” review lessons for all you busy people. We’re covering some denser chapters this week, but the gospel principles within are great! I love how the manuals help focus our studies into principles that our kids (and youth classes) can appreciate.

Thanks again to friends and family for the team effort.

Feel free to send/share this link with anyone you want! Also, you can find all the presentations and other resources (we continue to add and update) at!

HOW TO USE: Mirror this PowerPoint presentation directly onto your TV, gather the family, and enjoy a review of 6 topics (1 per day or make your own schedule) carefully selected from the three Come Follow Me manuals: Individuals and Families, Primary, and Sunday School. Read scriptures, sing songs, watch videos, and enjoy! If you’re playing the presentation from your phone, be sure to use a presentation app like PowerPoint so that the links work.




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