VIDEO: Don't Miss This | Come Follow Me Moroni 1-6 (Nov. 30-Dec. 6)

VIDEO: Don’t Miss This Come Follow Me (Moroni 10, December 14-20) with Emily Freeman and David Butler | #ComeFollowMe

“This is a special edition, obviously, because we’re not at the chalkboard. This is called Don’t Miss This Field Trip DMP, F.T.. Oh, what’s the new hashtag for it? We are going to talk a little bit about that in just a second, because we have some surprises for next year, some gifts. It’s Christmastime. You, y’all. And but hold on, because first we want to go to Moroni, the last pages of the book, the very end, the wrapping up.’
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Come Follow Me Moroni 10 (Dec. 14-20) – powered by Happy Scribe

Hi, everyone, I’m David Butler. I’m Emily Freeman. Welcome to Don’t Miss This. This is a special edition, obviously, because we’re not at the chalkboard. This is called Don’t Miss This Field Trip DMP, F.T.. Oh, what’s the new hashtag for it? We are going to talk a little bit about that in just a second, because we have some surprises for next year, some gifts. It’s Christmastime. You, y’all. And but hold on, because first we want to go to Moroni, the last pages of the book, the very end, the wrapping up.

Remember, Moroni gets three different goodbye’s. Well, this is the final one. This is the third one. He’s going to sign the name at the bottom and close up the book. And there are just some exciting things that happened in this chapter that it’s a celebration chapter. I don’t know. I said, that’s so weird. It’s a celebration to celebrate, but it really is perfect for the week before Christmas. Yeah. Yeah. So take it away when we start in Moroni ten verse three.

And what we want to do before we jump in the first three actually is take you back to the very beginning. Do you remember the very first week of this when we were in first chapter one and the very last verse of chapter one? Nephi gives us all an invitation. He says this. But behold, I need to I will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he has chosen because of their faith to make them mighty unto the power of deliverance.

And do you remember, Claire, back then in January when we said we are going to watch for the tender mercies of the Lord all the way through every page of the Book of Mormon? And we actually had a space in your journal where you could record those and keep track of them, not only what was happening in here as far as tender mercies, but also what was happening in your own lives at home and what was going on day to day where you saw the hand of the Lord?

Well, what we love is that that is bookended at the very end of the Book of Mormon by the same invitation from Moroni inversed three. And he says this Behold, I would exhort you that when ye shall read these things, if it be wisdom and God, that you shall read them, that you would remember how merciful the Lord has been unto the children of men from the creation of Adam, even down until the time that you shall receive these things and ponder it in your heart.

And we just love this coming full circle of this part of the Book of Mormon of his reminder, just like me, faith, all those many years before that, one of the most important things we can learn to do as followers of Christ is to watch for how merciful he is in each of our lives as we go through day by day. And it really is like something so powerful. We just keep bringing it up again and again and again how important it is to remember and what that does to soften up our hearts and make us more tender toward God and helps us enter into relationship with them.

In fact, these are really famous verses. They’re called, I promise. And I think a lot of times people skip over verse three. And it’s just that before you ever sit down and pray maroney’s invitation is wait first remember how good God has been to the people of this world and how good he’s been to you. And then in verse four, he says, and I would exhort you again to ask God the eternal father I love. He wants to use that praise title for God father, an open door for us to be able to approach him.

He is the eternal king. But he says, I want you to approach him like he’s your eternal father and ask him in the name of Christ, if these things are not true, do you love how he’s just leaning on the side of, like, hoping that it is, he says, go in like just hoping that it is. Because if this book is true, then everything that’s been promised in this book is also true. We’ll talk about that just a second.

But he says have that sincere heart and that real intent and that trust in Christ, that he will talk to you and and and ask ask him. And then he says this. Here’s the promise. First fight by the power of the Holy Ghost. You may know the truth of all things. Oh, I love how he says that. You may. You can. It’s permitted. It’s available. And all of us to know. And don’t you love a book that ends with an invitation and a promise at the end?

Yeah, because you can’t get that in any other book. Yeah. The Toyota manual doesn’t have it. You can’t pray about that. I prayed about Costco and found out that that is true. But usually you can’t write. It’s this is unique. It’s unique. Something at the very end. There’s that invitation with a promise. And this is a tradition I started many years ago in my life and something that we do in our family. I don’t think merchandise promises a one time event.

Every time I get to an item, as soon as I’m getting close to the end of the Book of Mormon, I save more. On 10 for a time when I know I’m going to be able to read it quietly by myself and do maroney’s promised at the end, I do it every time I get to run. And I tend to I just take that moment and take my own invitation over again. And I’ve done that over and over again in my life because I think it’s important for us to remember the truths that are here are consistent and constant, and we can receive that witness over and over again.

So we left a spot there in your study journal where you can write what are the things what do you believe about the Book of Mormon this time through or maybe your first time through? And that’s a box that’s kind of little. So you might fill it up, but I don’t have time to go through sometimes. And you’re like, oh, this time this is what really impressed me about my reading through. Or so we’d love for everybody to take a time to do that and fill in that square.

And then let’s talk about those two other squares right now. It kind of precede it becomes part of it because there’s going to be a square right after that talks about looking back at the tender mercies, what have you learned about tender mercies? And for those of you who have been keeping track of this whole year in a journal, this would be a really good time to look back over all those pages and just capture all the tender mercies that you saw throughout the year.

And then right below that is a square for the great thing. Remember that throughout this book, that is a phrase that is used all the time to watch for the great things the Lord is doing both here and in your own life. And we would love if you could just take a minute and go through and look at in a year that has been such a crazy year for all of us to go back and just put your finger on. But where were the mercies of the Lord and where did we see the great things from?

Twenty. Twenty.

And one of the other another phrase, like a synonym that Moroni uses for those mercies and great things is in verse eight, where he says Denine not the gifts of God, for they are many. That is powerful coming from a man who has just seen his entire nation destroyed in war and spent 20 years running for his life in loneliness. For him to be able at the end of that to say the gifts of God are many. That is incredible.

And they come from the same God in different ways to different people. But anybody listening to this or anybody who picks up this book, it’s crazy that he just assumes and knows anyone who picks this book up is going to be able to see the gifts of God in their life. And he says, count them, look for him and write them out. In verse 17, he says all these gifts come by the spirit of Christ and they come and to every man and woman severally, according as he will.

And as we’ve learned in this book, his will is good. Yes, so good. We love that you come down. It’s so fun that this is the week right before Christmas and there is so much in here about gifts. But he’s going to take us over into verse thirty where he says and again, I would exhort you that you would come on to Christ and lay hold upon every good gift. And we thought in that very last square that’s on that paper, on your journal, maybe you would take some time to talk about how your testimony of Christ has been strengthened this year and to think about the gifts that you have learned about that we all have learned about together and where you see them in your own life.

Just for a minute, this would be fun. Let’s just think about this. So if you were to go back and start clear at Lehigh and you were to think about Lehigh and then Nephi and then Jacob and go through to Alma and Avin and the Sons of Malaysia and the Stripling Warriors and Moroni and Hilman and the brother of Gerard. And you were to say, what is one gift you saw from each of those people? What would some of those gifts have been?

We are talking about this is we were walking up this hill and just saying, like, OK, to Lihi, the gift of guidance and the gift of courage to Samuel delaminate and the gift of endurance to Alma and the gift of strategy tomorrow night and a softened heart to emulate. And who else?

What about the gift of second chance chances for young, the younger and the sons of Masaya? Just the gift of angels, both from heaven and as missionaries. It would be so cool if you would go through just the stories of the Book of Mormon together or just by yourself and think, what are the good gifts? God, everyone agrees. And then what are the good gifts now in your story? All if you did not do that this year, it’s totally fine, but I cannot recommend enough to look for, like, those good things that God does because it opens up your eyes to see it in your own life.

And that’s what makes Scripture study become. Worship and powerful is when you can like when it comes off of the pages and it’s just so neat to do that so good. So hopefully you’ll take time sometime in the next two weeks to just sit down and think about this year and this study and how you are different now than you were in January. Do you want to go to verse two? Yeah, well, let’s just say this right before verse to this.

Like this thirty to right where he’s just almost like he says his goodbyes here. This part, he just can’t help it. And he just says a one more time, one more time, come on to Christ and be perfected in him. What a powerful grace phrase. Deny yourselves and godliness and love God with all your might mind and strength and experience that grace for you, that by that grace you may be perfect in Christ. And when you experience that, you’ll never be able to deny the power of God.

It’s so awesome. And then just those words. And then at the end when he’s just say, OK, bye. I can’t wait to I can’t wait to meet you. I can’t wait to fly right before you and meet you. It’s fine, because if you look at the beginning of the chapter, he says, look, now I’m sealing up these records after just after I say my little goodbye, I’m going to seal them up. And and that’s where we are right now.

Marone, I stood on somewhere on this very hill that we are and sat down on a rock and and just inscribed those last words. And he sealed up that record and he put it in the ground somewhere. Somewhere right here. This is the Hill Kamora. And they would be buried and preserved and protected in that place for fourteen hundred years until a young farm boy will come seeking for that same Christ and seeking for those same gifts in his life.

And what a story that is going to be. We love that. This is where the story of the Book of Mormon ends. And in two weeks from now, this is where the story of the doctor and covenants will begin is right here. And we love the tie in from the end of the Book of Moroni that jumps right into the doctrine and covenants. Moroni says this in Moroni ten thirty one and a wake and arise from the dust of Jerusalem gay and put on by beautiful garments.

Oh Daughter of Zion and strengthen thy stake and enlarge their borders forever. That dolmades no more be confounded that the covenant of the eternal father which he has made into the House of Israel, may be fulfilled. And we just love the thought of that call to Zion people right in these last pages of the Book of Mormon, right before Marone. I put them in this heel because I think he probably knew that the boy who was going to pull those back out of the heel, well, we know God knew he was going to build up that Zion.

That would be his call and his cause for his entire life. And it’s so fun because you find this scripture in a really similar way. Yeah. And Doctrine and Covenant Doctrine Covenant Section eighty two in the middle of backwoods Missouri. The Lord says this The Saints for Zion must increase in beauty and holiness. Her borders must be enlarged. Her stakes must be strengthened. Yay! Verily, I say Zion must arise and put on her beautiful garments. I think that’s so powerful that he says awake and arise because that record has been sleeping in the hill for fourteen hundred years and.

But but God’s talking to the people and he says, OK, it’s time to wake up. This is not the end of the story. Moroni ten. It’s going to keep going. The same gifts, the same angels, the same miracles, the same God is going to be orchestrating a beautiful and powerful work in our dispensation. And that’s what we get to study next year, is the continuation of this same story of of of God moving and working in our day.

And we are so excited. We’re so excited. Should we tell him all the fun we’re about to have? Yes. OK, we’re about to have so much fun next year. You guys enjoy Christmas, enjoy your next two weeks and starting at the first well, at the very last week of December, actually, we’ve got some fun things ahead, including D.M. T F.T.. That’s so fun. Yeah, good. We’re taking a field trip every single month next year and sometimes a couple of field trips in a month.

We want to bring you out here where all of this happened. And for some of you who live in places that that will never be possible for you, our goal is to let you experience the story of the doctrine and covenants in the places. Where it took place and so we will be having a field trip every single month to one of those places where we can get into it and you can visualize what’s happening and we’ll talk about the lessons and the stories and the people and what they were experiencing there.

But why don’t you tell them about Jason? And just to end this with a giddy up and get you all so excited, we also brought Jason Beer and the Nashville tribute band along with us to all those places to just bring it alive with lyrics and music in a way that we just can’t. And so we are so thrilled that they were a part of it with us this year. And so today to end the Book of Mormon and kind of kick start the book.

Yeah, the doctor involved in the story. I was going to go we are going to let you hear the sweet melodies of Jason, dear.

Across the Deep South, to the desert hills high and the rise of the midnight sky with diamonds lined up here, I stand with my eyes wide open to hear the voices from heaven’s from. And his story speaks to me like a song I’ve always. And the greatest story ever told. Beginning with. Is the greatest story ever told, think any time I want to turn on the the greatest story ever told me everything my heart is. Oh, my God, when I in awesome.

And Tammy. I see, you know, I hear the roaring thunder by through. Displayed. Without my brain power, my faith in God to be. I now. So we will see you, the doctor in Covenant’s get ready, everybody, it’s going to be such a good year by.

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