Come Follow Me – April 13-19
Mosiah 1-3 “Filled with Love towards God and All Men”

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Thank you for your recent emails about social distancing and making sure we are safe!  We prerecorded these videos and won’t be recording again for several weeks…but we will keep that in mind when we get together to record again!  Unless, by chance, social distancing is over by then!  So many prayers for that to happen!

Welcome back from General Conference and Easter!  Now we enter into the book of Mosiah.

At the first of this book a great gathering is described.  It is almost like a Book of Mormon General Conference. As you go through these chapters we want to invite you to go back and study what we just learned from General Conference.  So many amazing things!  A solemn assembly.  A new proclamation.  Wonderful counsel and blessings for the time we live in.

Let these chapters be your guide for the blessings that will come as you look back over what you just learned.