Did Father Lehi Have Daughters Who Married the Sons of Ishmael?

Although the beginning of Nephi’s record only mentions sons, Joseph Smith says the record of Lehi in the 116 missing manuscript pages refers to at least two of Ishmael’s sons marrying Lehi’s daughters. Nephi himself mentions his sisters at the end of his record. As no mention is made of further births to Lehi and Sariah after Jacob and Joseph, the assumption can be made that these sisters are the daughters who married Ishmael’s sons.

Lehi’s family tree, somewhat basic but good in the fact it summarizes many of the major players in the book of 1 Nephi, was published by the Church. It is interesting to note that it does not reference anything as to the potentiality of a close association between Lehi and Ishmael’s family.


More information is also found in the Journal of Discourses (see below: 23:184).