We bought a farm 😳And I guess buying a farm isn’t the craziest thing because we bought a farm for a complete stranger and gave it away! We bought chickens and pigs and sheep and crops and a well for fresh water and so much more! What’s crazy is how easy it was and how amazing we all felt doing service and providing donations for others in need by lighting the world one by one at the giving machines! These machines are so awesome, you can purchase all kinds of things to be donated to third world countries or even people in need in your own backyard through local charities as well. It’s a vending machine with a Christmas miracle twist!

It was and incredible experience watching the kids pick out what they wanted to give to someone else and to be able to purchase it from a machine in Utah and have it be delivered to a stranger in another country during this time of giving was just the greatest feeling to be able to help others!

There are 10 of these giving machines around the world! See if one is near you here: https://bit.ly/2OlVyff

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