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A special thank you to GENTRI (see https://gentrimusic.com) for giving these youth this amazing opportunity. The students you see and hear in this video come from schools across Utah to American Heritage School be a part of the Lyceum Youth Orchestras after-school music program. There are 6 ensembles of different ages and abilities, see http://lovemusicmore.com/

O Gladsome Light, Phos Hilaron (Greek), Lumen Hilare (Latin) is one of the oldest known Christian Hymns, dating back to 200-300 AD. At that time in Jerusalem, a lamp was kept perpetually burning in the empty tomb of Christ, its glow a symbol of the living light of Jesus. As Christians gathered to worship the hymn was sung and, in a tradition known as the lighting of the lamps, a candle lit from the lamp was brought forth from the tomb, its bright, solitary flame calling the church to celebrate the Risen Lord. The hymn has become part of vespers in the Byzantine Rite, and also included in some modern Anglican and Lutheran liturgies.See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phos_Hi…

A special thanks to the Watkins and Purles families of Alpine Utah for providing the amazing space.