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Get daily FREE text reminders of the #LightTheWorld daily theme

  1. The #LightTheWorld Giving Machines are back in 2022 with more worldwide locations!
  2. FREE #LightTheWorld with Love backgrounds for virtual meetings
  3. #GivingTuesday and the Giving Machines help Kansas City to #LightTheWorld!
  4. #GivingTuesday moment | Orem Giving Machines make a tender moment for one family . . .
  5. Don’t live near a Giving Machine but want to donate? Here’s how . . .
  6. Light the World Giving Machines Debut in NYC’s Rockefeller Center | #LightTheWortld
  7. VIDEO: Drew Barrymore praises Giving Machines on her show, says she plans to visit with family members | The Drew Barrymore Show
  8. Get daily FREE text reminders of the #LightTheWorld daily theme
  9. Dank Drake memes helping to #LightTheWorld and recommend the #GivingMachines
  10. An entire month about Jesus! (Saints Unscripted)
  11. #LightTheWorld Day 16 | ✨Christmas Dinners✨ Just like Jesus, you can feed the hungry
  12. VIDEO: “Let’s Light the World” — The Bonner Family
  13. ✨From Luke 2 You✨ Remind yourself of the true reason for the season by reading a few passages of the Christmas story from Luke 2 in the Holy Bible. | #LightTheWorld
  14. ✨Together Time✨ This Christmas, surround yourself with loved ones. Invite as many family members as you can to get together for a virtual hangout | #LightTheWorld
  15. VIDEO: The Real Reason Behind the Season #LightTheWorld
  16. VIDEO: The Tabernacle Choir Records 2022 Christmas Concert
  17. BYU Today: 🎁 Merry Christmas 🎁 from President Worthen
  18. ✨Gifts from God You can express gratitude like Jesus did. Reflect on the gifts God has given you, and write them down. Share your gratitude with others | #LightTheWorld Day 22
  19. ✨Treats Times Two✨ Turn one good deed into two. Make two plates of treats. Drop one off to a friend; then give the other to someone your friend suggests | #LightTheWorld
  20. Podcast: Light The World and Christmas goals with John Dye! | Sharing Time – A Latter Day Saint Culture Podcast 







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