Mother teresa VIDEO: The first thing Mother Teresa did every morning

VIDEO: The first thing Mother Teresa did every morning

What did she say every morning?

The first thing Mother Teresa did every morning – powered by Happy Scribe

When my younger sister called me up out of the blue wanting to have a spiritual life after years of not wanting anything to do with the Catholic Church, she said, what do I do? And I said, well, I want you to do one thing for ten days every morning when you get up, I want you to say good morning, Jesus. I learned that from Mother Teresa 33 years ago. She suggested to me that I do that because she she did that every morning.

And I noticed a change in my life just by saying that out loud in the morning before I went down for prayers, before, you know, I showered and shaved and got ready for the day. I already had begun my day by reminding myself the truth of the relationship that matters most to me, which is my relationship with Jesus. So I told my sister, I want you to do this for four, 10 days. So two days went by.

She called, I would take her call and three days went by. She called. I would take her call. So she stopped calling me in the tenth day she called and she said. I can’t believe how something so simple is already having an effect on me, reasserting the truth of the relationship that matters most to us. That’s the best way to start the day. And then and then the other things will flow from that. The substance of the spiritual life is is to be alone, speaking heart to heart, to God.

Remember, we’re building habits that should last the whole of your life. So let’s start simple and let’s build habits that are natural. I say the same five things every morning, and that’s what I encourage people to do when they’re starting out. Simple, easy tasks that that will become habits naturally.

If you’re trying to fit Jesus in, if you’re trying to squeeze Jesus in as an agenda item, probably eventually you’ll you’ll get worn out with that. But if the Lord fits naturally into the rhythm and pattern of a person’s day, then the spiritual life, well, like I like to say, is simple. It becomes simple. We really need to do is to look at our lives and find the things that will naturally fit into the pattern and rhythm of our lives.

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