VIDEO: Should we wear garments EVERY. SINGLE. DAY? (Saints Unscripted)

VIDEO: Should we wear garments EVERY. SINGLE. DAY? (Saints Unscripted)


**If you are unfamiliar with what “LDS temple garments” are, it might be useful to watch the videos below before viewing this video.**


Previous videos about the temple garment: 


What is the Mormon Temple Garment (and is it magic?)

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Mormon GARMENTS and MODESTY | 3 Mormons

Magic Mormon Underwear


Recently, there has been a lot of talk in the media about LDS garments (sometimes referred to as “Mormon underwear” or “magic Mormon underwear”). The recent focus comes mostly from members of the Church of Jesus Christ but also from non-members of the LDS Church. Many members have opinions about the frequency in which one should wear the temple garment, the material of a temple garment, and more. This episode addresses the host’s opinions about the garment. Should the garment be worn all the time? Is the garment magic? Should the garment be removed for specific activities? 

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