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The second most popular African-American from Utah to have collaborated with Dennis Rodman . . .

From Alex: A little “Afro-Beat” for your enjoyment! This is an original song I wrote after listening to the news and hearing nothing but tragedies on almost every channel – IF YOU REALIZED THE POWER OF YOUR THOUGHTS, YOU WOULD NEVER HAVE A NEGATIVE THOUGHT AGAIN. #KeepYourHeadUp2TheSky

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Confession: I am an Alex Boye fan.

But his latest video boasts this title on YouTube:

Alex Boye’ – Keep Your head up to the Sky (ft. Dennis Rodman)

Alex, please—you need more than a chance encounter with the former Detroit Piston and Karl Malone nemesis of the 1998 NBA Finals to “feature” him in your video.

Folks, take a look–and keep waiting–we promise you will get a glance of “The Worm” if you wait long enough. And Alex is baiting you to ensure his video gets 98% viewed before you see a sign of Rodman.

BUT . . .

the tune is catchy. Nice work.






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