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Mormon March Madness—choose the most iconic piece of Mormon culture!

LDS Living kicked off its very own March Madness bracket!

LDS Living kicked off its very own March Madness bracket.

Not a sports fan? Don’t worry.

This bracket has everything to do with celebrating LDS culture and little to do with sports—except, of course, church ball and the Holy War.


Where is this taking place?

This is live on LDS Living’s Instagram account now!

They pit each lovable aspect of Mormon-dom against each other in a two-week battle to the death!

Each day up until Thursday, March 29, they will bring a new matchup as they whittle the contenders down to the Elite Eight, Final Four, and finally, the one, most iconic piece of Mormon culture champion.

To participate, follow them on Instagram and watch for their poll in their Instagram stories each day.

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