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#LIGHTtheWORLD this Christmas with mormon.org


#LIGHTtheWORLD this Christmas by following the example of Jesus Christ and doing acts of service He did when he was on the earth!

The holiday season can be so hectic — it is that wonderful (but overwhelming) whirlwind of marketing blitzes, holiday parties, activities galore, and “finding that perfect gift” that builds up to Thanksgiving and continues gaining momentum through most of December.

While the Christmas season is meant to bring feelings of love, cheer, and togetherness, it’s also the harbinger of stress for many.

So, what do you do? How can you find the most joy and satisfaction during the holiday season?

For one, you can simplify. Decide now to not do everything and create priorities that guide your decision-making at this hectic time of year.

You can also look outside yourself and do small and simple (but meaningful) acts of service.

The 2016 mormon.org Christmas campaign theme and hashtag is #LIGHTtheWORLD. The campaign centers around service, specifically around the ways that Jesus Christ served others during His ministry and how we can similarly serve others today. Starting on December 1 and continuing through Christmas Day, each day of the campaign will focus on an act of service Jesus Christ performed during his ancient ministry and how we can parallel His service by doing similar things in our day (e.g., Christ healed the sick / We can donate blood at local blood banks). You can download the daily calendar of ideas for each day of the initiative at mormon.org/download.

So this year, plan to simplify, set priorities, and do what Christ did—serve others. Simply. Meaningfully.


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  1. My Tribute to a Wonderful Father:
    Frank C. Bone

    The Blessing I Call Dad

    My Dad is the strength
    of the family he love,
    As bold as an eagle,
    and as peaceful a dove.

    A man of hard work
    that meets every need,
    Does all that he can
    that his children succeed.

    Content in the knowledge
    to do what is right,
    A blessing posterity,
    consecrated in light,

    In truth he uphold,
    faithful to the end,
    The family coat of arms,
    of which he defend.

    Heaven shines bright,
    his eternal reward,
    He builds, makes repairs
    in service to the Lord.

    Dad gains understanding
    when there is strife,
    Wise in his words
    and in dealing with life.

      © Shelley W. Williams -2016

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