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I will only agree to be the Scoutmaster if I have this . . .

Check out this super cool Skycamp by ikamper!

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Right? Glamping for sure.


Easy Mounting on Any Vehicle
The weight of the Skycamp is only about 150lbs (68kg) including the integrated ladder and the mattress, incredibly light weight in its size when it is open.
Two men can load and unload the Skycamp without any difficulty.
Mount it on the roof cross bar less than 30 minutes for the first time, and as you get familiar, it takes less than 10 minutes.

It also has universal mounting system that can be mounted on almost any vehicle in the market. The same as all of the objects on the roof of the vehicle such as bike, kayak or roof carrier box, Skycamp also requires a pair of cross bar or roof rack.Aerodynamic Design The special design of the fiberglass top reduces air resistance on the road.

Surprisingly Large Inside
Extremely Easy and Fast to Set Up
Affordable Price for the World’s Best Roof Tent

[Source ikamper]



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  1. There is a local guy in my ward that sells some awesome side by side tents. Take a look.
    I have used macattaxx side by side tents on Father and Sons outings. They are awesome.
    Thanks MLH for all you do..

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