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Two great ideas on engaging Primary and Youth in the Easter #PrinceOfPeace initiative!

The Easter campaign this year has 8 days of devotionals (or PRINCIPLES of PEACE), each one sharing a character trait we can learn from the Savior. Check out these two great activities for Primary-aged and youth-aged kids!


Primary created this great activity booklet for the church’s Easter campaign this year! Check it out!

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This booklet has an activity, song, and easy action for each day that goes along with those traits and can be completed by even very young children with little or no help from adults. says:

We plan on doing a small devotional with our family each night. Just a quick 10 minutes where each child can do their activity, we can sing (or learn) a song about the Savior and make small changes to be like him!  Older kids can take this time to journal their feelings or share the scripture that goes along with each day.

1. Download BOTH files. Click the button above to download both in a zip folder or use these links for (1) BOOKLET COVER and (2) BOOKLET INSIDE.

2. Print just the cover onto paper (I used card stock). Fold in half and set aside.

3. Next print the inside.  Set your printer to print DOUBLE SIDED. Follow the instructions of your particular printer to do double-sided printing. (I printed the inside pages onto card stock as well).  NOTE: I really stink at stuff like this, so I did a test run by printing onto regular paper, low ink, and in black and white.  Once I knew how to properly print two-sided on my home printer I went re-printed on card stock in full-color.

4. Fold each inside page in half and stack them so that they are in the correct order when formed into a booklet.

5. Add outside cover and staple all pages together along inside seam.  See this video tutorial for an easy trick to staple the middle seam with a regular stapler!



Young Women / Young Men

Meck Mom also has some great Easter activities for youth!

Help the kids in your class, family or mutual group share a their favorite peace-making scripture with their followers with these simple infinity cards. The cards are easy, inexpensive and can be finished in under a minute.

To find the free infinity card tutorial and printables (as well as tons of other options), hop over to




Creating these cool scripture-promoting cards is easy and inexpensive. To get started you’ll only need the free printable from and a pair of scissors.


Much like #LIGHTtheWORLD, the #PRINCEofPEACE video is designed for sharing so be sure to check out and find the latest inspirational, shareable content.

Here are more #PrinceOfPeace posts from others as well!


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