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LIFE HACK: 5 ways you can beat inflation now


As we see prices skyrocket (and incomes not even close to keeping pace), it’s important to figure out how you can beat inflation. Below are 5 ideas.

NOTE: If you want more education, make sure you CLICK HERE.

Decrease Debt

Quick math problem.

Take a minute and total all your minimum monthly payments for your debt.

What is the total?

Imagine if you could keep that money in your pocket or pay it towards something else (e.g., invest).

The lesson? Pay off your debt people!


If you want more insight on how to do this fast, watch Centsei’s Free Budgeting Class here.

Decrease Expenses

Dump Costco

Honest talk hereβ€”Costco is a luxury brand for most people. Buying in bulk looks and feels awesome, but it. definitely is not cheap.

Check out how Costco tricks you into spending more $$.

Considering decreasing the Costco runs.

More green will be lining your pockets.

Increase Income

Take a moment and talk to your manager about getting a raise.Β 

One of the best things you can do is approach him/her and explain that you need to make more money. Prep your argument and show why you deserve it. Don’t go in cold.

Perhaps inquire about how you might take on that you could get paid to do.

Often there are financial opportunities right under your own nose, in your current employment.

Get a second job

Another option is to get a second job, or have your partner work in the evenings when you can be home, etc.

We often need to work a second job until we can pay off debt, which frees up cash flow.

Don’t be afraid to take on a second job for a period of time.

Sell something

The basics of all commerce are buying/selling a product or service.

What product or service could you sell?

Inflation is here. Recession looks inevitable.

Things WILL get more expensive.

You will need to decrease expenses and increase income if you want to get ahead.



NOTE: If you want more education, make sure you CLICK HERE.

Centsei podcast

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Episode 2: How to Talk to Friends and Family about MoneyΒ (especially if they aren’t good at it)

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