UPDATE (PLEASE READ): We’ve been contacted by the Church Donations Department and asked to remove the links to the Electronic Donation Information form, among other things. This method of payment apparently wasn’t intended to be used by the general membership of the Church.

If you are currently or are interested in paying your tithing through this method, please contact the Church Donations Department by calling 801-240-2554 or emailing donations@ldschurch.org to see if you can continue/start using this method.

Thanks, The MLH Team

Since I don’t have a fixed income or pay schedule, the following method makes things really easy for me to pay tithing and other offerings, and billpay deducts the amount from my account, the day it is sent. For those with a fixed income and paycheck schedule, you can setup your billpay to make these payments automatically for you, without any effort. Just make sure you schedule the payment for a day or two after your check is direct deposited.

4 Easy Steps To Paying Your Tithing Online:

1. Download the official church Electronic Donation Information form (link removed, see above update), fill it out (make sure to get your membership number right), save it and attach it to an email addressed to donations@ldschurch.org. I just put a short note in the email saying “here’s our electronic donation information form, so we can pay via billpay.” After a few days you’ll get an email back that says essentially “you’re now ready to make Church donations electronically through Billpay,” and will probably include a very long version of what follows.

2. Now all you need to do is setup your Billpay for payment. You’ll need to follow these instructions precisely or your donations may not get attributed to you. You have to setup a new payee for each different type of donation you’d like to do. Put the payee or “biller” name for each new entry, as follows (according to what you want to pay for): – LDS-Tithing
– LDS-Fast Offering
– LDS-Missionary (General)
– LDS-Book of Mormon
– LDS-Other

3. For each of the above, you’ll need to put in several key items that are the same for each: – Address:

50 East North Temple Street Room 1521 Salt Lake City, UT 84150

  • Phone: 801-240-2554
  • Account Number: your Membership Number in this format: 123-4567-8910

4. Once you have it setup, go ahead and make a payment. After several days, email the church donations people again and have them confirm that they received the payment and that it was attributed to you. If it worked, you’re good to go! Note: You cannot contribute to local fast offerings or missionary funds through this method. You’ll still need to give those donations directly to your bishop.

Update: When I added this to my Wells Fargo billpay, all I had to do was put in “LDS – Tithing” (with spaces around the dash) and the zip code in the “Pay a Company” section at the bottom of the billpay homescreen. It recognized it and offered the payee information for me. All I had to do was put in my membership number and save the payee.