How to print your official 2017 tax summary statement directly from

Your Official 2017 Tax Summary Statement is now available.

Your Official Tax Summary Statement is now available.

It can be viewed by selecting the Donor Statements menu option in Online Donations and selecting the link provided in the Generated Statements section.

If you have donated through Online Donations and logged in using an LDS Account associated with your Member Record Number (MRN), then your statement will include all your donations including the donations you made to your ward or branch directly.

If you used an LDS Account which was not associated with a Member Record Number, then you will need to log into Online Donations using that LDS Account to retrieve a separate tax statement for any donations made under that LDS Account.


If you have an MRN, we would encourage you to add it to your LDS account by following the instructions found below. This will better ensure future consolidated year-end tax statements are complete with all donations – including the donations you made to your ward or branch.

1. Go to

2. Log into your account with the username you used to log into Online Donations

3. Click on Membership.

4. Enter your membership record number (MRN).

5. Click on Save.

If you have any questions, please contact your ward or branch clerk or for additional help on adding your MRN to your LDS Account, click here:

If you need to re-generate a tax statement, you can do this through Online Donations by selecting the Donor Statements menu option, selecting the Official Tax Statement button and selecting the correct year from the drop down and clicking the Generate Statement button.



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